Shlomo Ben Ami, foreign foreign minister for Israel, is the latest Israeli intellectual to come out against Bibi’s road show of horrors. Article is here.

Ben Ami highlights ultra-nationalist Zionist hero Moshe Dayan’s transformation from outspoken hawk to grudgingly understated statesman. A transformation Ben Ami argues, Bibi has not yet made.

In 1956 Dayan said at a eulogy:

Let us not be deterred from seeing the loathing that is inflaming and filling the lives of the hundreds of thousands of Arabs who live around us. Let us not avert our eyes lest our arms weaken….This is the fate of our generation, this is our life choice, to be prepared and armed, strong and determined, lest the sword be stricken from our fist and our lives cut down….We are a generation of settlers, and, without the steel helmet and the cannon’s fire, we will not be able to plant a tree and build a home.

Yet, less that 15 years later, he said it sadly appeared that:

…the only peace negotiations are those where we settle the land and we build, and we settle, and from time to time we go to war.”

Ben Ami notes the transformation from soldier to statesman and his elegance in his dictation that tried, in vain, to impress the dire need of Israeli’s to find a lasting peace.

Bibi, pick up your books, you just got schooled.