Borders was never as ‘cool’ as Barnes and Noble. It was never as chic, but Borders was always a better book store than Barnes and Noble.

When I was younger I used to go to Borders any time i was visiting my late grandfather and my grandmother at their house in eastern Florida. Unlike B&N, there were computer kiosks that would let me know exactly where the book on British history was located. While my grandfather was a loyal denizen of Barnes and Noble, I would beg them to let us go to Borders instead. My grandmother didn’t mind; it was closer to a Macy’s. As obliging grandparents they spent far too much time and money on me wandering through the store reading everything I could find.

I still have some of the CD’s and books that I spent a lot of time looking for. When I started getting into Snow Patrol and was looking for their first album, “Songs For Polar Bears” I looked everywhere I could to find it. Amazingly, I went to visit my grandparents and there it was, plain as day in the “S” section of Pop/Rock. While I have since lost the CD, I will always have the great memories of finding hard to get books and movies and CD’s, or simply whiling away time in air-conditioned bliss with my grandparents.

It really doesn’t matter now though. The Amazon’s and Barnes and Noble’s have taken over, and you can download any kind of film or album. But for a brief period, Borders was the best book store in America.