What’s the best thing to do when its 100+ degrees out and you desperately need to stay cool in a theatre or your air conditioned room? Watch movies of course.


Good, but about 30 minutes too long. I loved the setting (my hometown, Milwaukee) and I loved Kristen Wiig’s slow descent toward rock bottom. Maya Rudolph was never a favorite of mine, but her minimal role here is probably for the best. Like any SNL or Apatow related production, there were obvious gaps in the storyline that I am sure will show up somewhere in the deleted scenes or unrated version and make it a wholly better film.

It’s Complicated

Horrible. I feel like if I were 50+ I would maybe appreciate this film more. However since I am not, I found it totally depressing and the only glint of real humor was the always dependable (and smug) John Krasinski

Brief Interviews with Horrible Men

Terrible.  While I can appreciate John Krasinski’s smug humorous ways (see above), that doesn’t give him license to string along a film with no real narrative skill and a list of C list actors that Krasinki obviously just wanted an excuse to hang out with and make a movie.

The Good Guy

This is a little gem. With Alexis Bledel playing her predictable and yet still lovable wayward self, two men vie for her affection with an interesting plot twist that was expected but still fun to watch. A great little escapist romance with a soundtrack that isn’t Garden State, but features some great acts like Stars.

Bad Teacher

I’m not entirely sure I fully saw this one. Justin Timberlake starting talking and somewhere during the first 45 minutes my eyes started to glaze over. Cameron Diaz is still stunning, (and a terrible actress), especially when you consider its been 13 years since There’s Something About Mary.