Over at the Atlantic, Megan Mcardle contemplates the Euro’s fall from grace while UK Independent Party MEP Nigel Farage takes aim with an attack that is just a little too much (below).

The sudden realisation in the USA and elsewhere that  the rise in pessimistic nationalism across the west of the EU has been striking or revolutionary is interesting, because for years I think that Americans and the rest of the world have used the term, “European” as an interchangeable term with terms like “French”  or “German”. It has really ignored the fantastic amount of national pride that has come back to the fore as the veil of post war ideology and memory fades further away. We saw this on display with the World Cup, and to a lesser extent friendly matches between nations. Of course, England has never ceded it’s idea of sovereignty of any symbolic measure to the European continent it has tried to run parallel to for the past 40 years. The latest poppy row during Remembrance Week should be enough for anybody who needs convincing that the UK is fundamentally determined to not be defined as the new sort of “European”.