Per the Bagehot blog at The Economist,

And the Liberal Democrats, junior partners in the coalition? Well, their whole plan for re-election was to be the kindlier, restraining element of the coalition that had delivered economic recovery in time for the 2015 general election, seeking credit for their fiscal discipline while pointing out where they had softened the roughest edges of Tory austerity.

If instead of a recovery Britain faces an economic catastrophe, I confess I struggle to see how the Lib Dems survive at all.

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As a comitted Labour supporter, I have always been disdainful of how the Liberal Democrats have marketed their policies to the electorate. At least with this coalition government we have been witness to the best reasons NOT to elect a Clegg-like figure in the future.

Will Clegg’s big gamble with the Tory’s be his party’s ruin?