In a fantastic interview over at the Guardian, Thewlis talks about his recent project, the biopic of Burmese dissident Aung Suu Kyi, and his love of surrealism.

Money quote:

He has a thing for surrealism. His short film was meant to conclude with an ostrich running down the road, but upon discovering that this was how Buñuel had ended The Phantom of Liberty, he planned to use a giraffe instead. “But I couldn’t afford a giraffe,” he says sadly. “Four thousand pounds it was to get a giraffe. But I could get a camel for £2,000. And it was a beautiful camel. I expected a scraggy-looking thing to turn up, but on the night they said, ‘The camel’s here, David,’ and I turned around and thought ‘Ah!’ because it was gorgeous.”