Benedict Cumberbatch is earning rave reviews for his Holmes performance. Photo: Colin Hutton, Guardian.

Renowned violinist Eos Chater wrote in the Guardian about her experiences coaching British actor Benedict Cumberbatch in role on the BBC’s Sherlock.

Money quote:

By the third I am becoming familiar with his “locked on to target” eyes, and when it’s best to stand back and leave him to work it out for himself. He handles the violin carefully: “How would you lift it to your chin?”, “How would you play around with the bow?”, “Which way would you put it down on a chair?”. Everyone has gone home, except a cleaner, who comes in, bucket in hand and backs out apologising. Cumberbatch apologises to her for using the room for so long; he does so with such grace I am glad to be coaching him.


In cause you have missed it, the BBC update of the classic sleuth at 221 B Baker Street is one of the most original and creative television shows to come along in years. Now in its second series, the writers have Holmes and Watson chasing down a even scarier “Jim” Moriarty and a handsome Detective Inspector Lestrade played by Rupert Graves.