After a fair amount of experimentation and luck, I was able to get Delicious to load my bookmarks into a live feed on the blog. Delicious, for those not in the know, is place to store and share your interesting articles you find across the internet. It debuted at least 7 years ago, and after a takeover by Yahoo! that crippled its cool-factor (and functionality), Delicious seems to have gotten the memo and fixed some of their issues.

I am very excited to have Delicious streaming alongside my blog once again. In the early days of blogging Delicious was one of my favorite products, I am glad to say it is again.

This sidebar will allow people to see what I think is interesting reading regarding pop culture and monetary/financial policy through the week. Of course we will still be hosting Cocktail Talk every week, but this is a good way to collect some of the sumptuous crumbs the internet leaves behind during the week that get lost in the fray.

Happy blogging!