The writers at Calculated Risk dig up some gems frequently, and today’s post is a great example. I think it should be fairly obvious that when times are good, or people expect a modicum of economic strength to continue at least through the next year, there tend to be more babies. Now naturally they’re are always going to be people who decide to have a family even in bad economic times, and that’s fine. But what the data ought to give pause to is the fact that we are now almost half way through a lost decade of stagnant wages. High unemployment and fiscal mismanagement. Add to that the sluggish recovery and the perpetual need of politicians to gridlock, and it should frighten the hell out of any planner, because these kids will need to get jobs, ans support an increasingly older population. In order to pay for that, we need jobs and people. My fear is that this lost decade will make that hard task that much harder.