In sad news for indie love fans everywhere, I just read in the latest Spin magazine that The Joy Formidable broke up.

Money quote:

Those relationships include the romantic one between Bryan and Dafydd, which just recently came to an end. “The album talks a lot about our relationship and its unraveling,” Bryan said. “It’s been incredibly hard. So I think it’s going to be quite weird going out and playing this album. It’s brought a different wave of nostalgia and memory to the whole thing. It’ll be interesting to put it in our own words that everything’s fine, that everything’s solid.”

“Absolutely,” Dafydd said. “It’d been a drawn-out thing. It’s hard to sustain a relationship like that, when you live and breathe music — to actually have the space to make a relationship work is a very, very difficult thing. But the core of it all is what got this band started in the first place — a super tight friendship.”  And that bond is why, Dafydd says firmly, “we’ll be absolutely fine.”