J. Mascis and Lou Barlow, coming out of the short-lived but influential hardcore band Deep Wound revolutionized the sound of post-hardcore/’alternative’ rock in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. By combining hardcore sensability with introspective lyrics and a good guitar hook, they created something that needed to exist: a way to channel the energy of hardcore while not rejecting the validity of catchy hook-laden music.

To me, the best example of this is their cover of The Cure’s seminal song: “Just Like Heaven”

Of course, their skills at creating great songs didn’t just extend to covers. One of the best songs in recent times was “Plans” of the album “Farm”

Their latest album, “I Bet On Sky” has what I believe will be their next big classic: “Watch the Corners”

Criticism of Dinosaur Jr. as repetitive or derivative is silly and wrong. Every new album, every new song, is a further development of the first album, working for a perfect melding of that intense wall of sound with the guitar hooks and bass getting better and better with every passing day.