Good news from Tom Breihan at Stereogum, which has probably the best description of Radiohead’s album, “Pablo Honey”.

Money quote:

Every once in a while, you’ll still meet people who claim that Pablo Honey is Radiohead’s best album. Musical taste is an entirely subjective thing, and we’re all special unique flowers, but these people are obviously attention-hungry psychopaths looking for ways to dominate conversations and shit on everything you hold dear.

When I was a teen I remember trying to listen to this album and thinking it was the worst formed album I had ever heard. However, being a masochist, I brought it along with me on a trip to see my grandparents in Florida, and popped the cd into my walkman (give me a break it was 1996). I remember at about the time “Anyone Can Play Guitar” came on I pulled off my headphones and wished you could scream on airplanes.

ahh, memories.