I will give you a shocking comparison, you know mahatma Gandhi, and I’m the Jacobin if there ever was one, says in some of his writings the same things, the lesson is in really tough situations of choice, there is no neutral position. you have to take sides, not taking sides is already taking sides. what I was shocked at when I read at least some of Robespierre’s writings is his ruthless honesty. how for example he openly says I am well aware that if you look at the immediate I paraphrase him now of course, the immediate reality of what we are doing now we are killing people, we are doing monstrosities and so on, and the only thing that justifies it is the idea of equality, revolutionary virtue so on and so on. he had no illusions here. -Slavoj Zizek


“To his enemies–living and dead–he will always be colored blood red: the first of the modern dictators who send thousands to their deaths. ” -Ruth Scurr