Like probably every neurotic millenia/ Gen Y’r out there, I have days where I am manically excited at being alive, and then also Wednesdays, where the ennui of modernity is stultifying.

So what to do to drag yourserlf kicking and screaming back to your happy place? Mine are pretty simple, and pretty great.

  1. go for a run. Since i have gotten above the 6 mile mark, I have found that an hour spent running leaves me too tired and sapped to be unhappy about anything. Doing this typically 5 days a week helps maintain sanity.
  2. Listen to the Thermals/dance. When unable to go for a run, I put on some classic alt/punk from Portlandia’s heroes The Thermals and dance it out.
  3. do crossword. I am awful at the NY Time crossword and am convinced that Will Shortz is a time-travelling super hero.
  4. build my amazon prime wishlist out. Because America.
  5. clean. this is mostly my OCD speaking.
  6. drink coffee. Normally iced, never mixed with sweetners. With enough coffee I could do most anything.

Those are some of my personal tactics. What are yours, dear readers?