1.) this New Order song/performance:

2.) These new Brooks’ trainers I am looking to buy
I am a firm fan of Brooks’ running shoes after being sidelined by a moderate case of Plantar Fascitus two months ago.

3.) Pulse by Adidas eau de toilette
I have been looking for a light smelling cologne to wear after the gym or during a stressful day, and this is easily a better choice than some of the more expensive items I have seen Sephora.

4.) Genius Scan for iphone
I travel a lot for work and consequently have to scan a lot of reciepts. This app lets you do that without having to hold on to all of them until you get back to the office.

5.) Capital in the Twentiy-First Century by Thomas Piketty
This new book has been blowing up on Amazon and has been getting a really good review by the people whose opinion I think matters. I am debating ordering it in print as well just to mark it all up and be able to share.

6.) up&up Facial Moisurizing with SPF 15
Until this miracle in a bottle, my facial complexion hovers betweeen either dried out cracked or greasy shine. I apply about a half squeeze after washing my face and then shaving and havent had a breakout in weeks.

7.) Gillette Regular Shaving Cream
Having spent a fair amount of money on different types of soaps/lotions/gels, the original is still the best, in my humble opinion.

8.) Chavs: Demonization of the Working Class by Owen Jones
 Although this came out a while ago, I have just now gotten around to reading this great thinkpiece by Jones. My disagreements with Jones are manifold, but his writing pulls no punches and is a tour de force for the Labour movement.

9.) This interview with Chris Martin about Coldplay’s new album and breaking up with Gwyneth
 Up to now, Martin has been notoriously cagey about his relationship with Paltrow, which of course is his right, but he has been remarkably candid lately.

10.) This new Coldplay single, of course