One of the greatest paintes of all time would have been 107 today.


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The Five Things I am Currently Obsessed With:

1.  Apartment Therapy

I had stumbled upon this website a few months back, but never gave it much thought since I was  living in a hole of a studio apartment surrounded by lavish three bed condo’s, I had really little use for this site. Now that I am all moved, I can’t seem to stay off of it though. I keep looking at what other people are doing and trying to find ways to make it happen here

2. The NOW Show on BBC Radio 4

Anybody who knows me personally knows I have a weird love affair with Radio 4. I am a huge fan of all the shows, especially the News Quiz with Sandi Taksvig. However I have recently become a fan of the NOW Show. The format is similar to that of an old time radio show, except with biting social commentary and satire of the week’s events. Hosts Hugh Dennis and Steve Punt, both veterans of the BBC comedy lineup, officiate while a rotating cast of talented performers bring the laughs and pull no punches.

3. White Wine

I tend to live by the motto, “you can measure success with red wine, but never white.” That being said, I have become more amenable to white wine as the summer has gotten hotter. After some taste tests I found I really do enjoy some pinot grigio in the heat, and a good tasting pinot grigio can be as cheap as five dollars. I’ve currently become a fan of Ecco Domani but am always on the lookout for a new or better brand. If any of you know a good pinot grigio, please let me know.

4. Syria Comment blog by Joshua Landis

I started reading Dr. Landis’ blog about Syria on the advice of a friend right after the assassination of Rafic Hariri. Landis’ insight into the structure of Syrian policy is above and beyond anything that gets talked about in the mainstream media. Since the so-called Arab Spring, it’s been on my reading list. More so now that Assad’s henchmen are reportedly butchering children as young as 15.

5. Pictures.

I am horrible about taking photos. I love to take them, but am bad at either a.) Remembering to take my camera with me or b.) feeling self conscious taking photos in public. that being the case, I live near some really neat historic buildings and my summer project (one of many) is to start a new photo album to collect images of my favorite places. Some might be featured here on the blog.

So, What are you currently obsessed with?