One of the greatest paintes of all time would have been 107 today.


My 25 things list:

1. I was born on 4 June, 1987. Nothing exciting happened on that day ever. D-Day was supposed to happen on that day. But then there was a storm. Story of my life.

2. I have tried hundreds of times to figure out the rules of American Football. I still do not understand and various family members have tried, in vain, to teach me.

3. I have a tiered system of friendships. In ascending order it is: Acquatences, People I Know, Friends. Friends make up about 3% of the people in my life.

4. Large crowds, ignorant people, and mainly people in general are the bane of my existence.

5. I thought for many years that I wanted to be a History Professor. When I was told of the pay, roving job status, and huge debt, I decided to become a Lawyer instead.

6. While Sarcastic, I am deeply shy in actuality.

7. My favorite movie of all time is Casablanca. I refer to it frequently.

8.  I enjoy scotch, and am somewhat of a snob about it.

9. if I was offered a good paying job in Salzburg and I could bring the Girl, I would go in a second.

10. I dream of blogging with the Nation, or Slate.

11. I have a love of British culture and politics, and try to bring in the days Parliamentary proceedings into any days conversations.

12. I work out infrequently, which causes me to own shirts of two different sizes.

13.  I define myself as a self-avowed Marxist.

14.I collect notebooks obsessively. At last count I had 20 notebooks. all filled to the brim.

15. I try (and fail) to finish the New York Times Friday Crossword every week.

16. I am a Coldplay superfan. I ordered their first album on Amazon UK in 1999. I still have my European copy of Parachutes.

17. I have been known to stay up until four AM writing on a subject, then delete it right after.

18. My life has been pretty stable, all things considered. I try to make sure that I think of one thing a day that made me happy. Even for a moment.

19. I have not had a lot of relationships, but I am not on speaking terms with any of my exes.

20. Growing up I was horrible at reading people. I am not much better now.

21. I drink Diet Coke (or Cola Light) like water.

22. I have been tobacco free since 6 June. At one point I was at three packs a day.

23. I own very little bright coloured clothing.

24. Sylvia Plath or Dylan Thomas are my two favorite writers of all time.

25. I like to think of myself as well read, and probably try to over compensate too much because of it.