Ensemble films are often like white wines. They are a dime a dozen, and often leave a very disgusting taste in your mouth.

The film, “New York, I Love You” is no exception. Most of the short-stories that comprise it are by purposefully vague directors, and with several exceptions all short stories are like a bad O. Henry novel.

The two finest films in it are Brett Ratner’s Prom Night story, which has an adorable James Caan in his later life role as the confused father; and the enigmatic story of a Husband and his Wife, (played brilliantly by Chris Cooper and Robin Wright Penn, respectively).

The worst goes for Natalie Portman and the film where she plays a naive and boring Hascidic Jewish woman. She sounds tired in the film, and I am sure based on her later statements that she was loathe to play yet another stereotypical Jewish woman.

Overall, NYILY is a great film in spite of itself. I think that the best thing you can say about a  film made up of such contrasting pieces and in no particular order is that it succeeds in spite of itself. If NYILY is that, then it is a triumph.

It is a sad truth that the trailer for some movies are far superior than the actual movies itself.