Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge has another lesser known title: Baron of Carrickfergus.

According to Niall Dowd of the Irish Central, William’s acceptance of a title on a piece of land in Northern Ireland is Imperial nostalgia:

Baron Carrickfergus certainly lays claim to disputed land between the Irish and the British, one settled by Protestant planters in the 16th century when the native Irish were driven off.

It was also the landing point for King William of Orange when he arrived in Ireland to enforce Protestant domination.

I think Dowd is completely right on when he signals the monarchy’s growing nostalgia over Irish land. Especially coming so close to Queen Elizabeth II’s forthcoming trip to Ireland. The first for an English monarch in nearly a century. King George V was the last monarch to visit the whole island, in 1911.

This is an epic moment for peaceful Irish republicans to politely, and firmly, remind the world what has been shed for a free Ireland, a dream not fully completed.