In my former adopted home, Salzburg, , the center and far-right parties OVP (People’s Party) and the FPO (Freedom Party) are fuming over a plan by the  city to close the city center to car traffic during the tourist heavy summertime.

Money quote:

A ban on cars in the Old Town on Sundays and holidays was put in place at the beginning of the 1990s. After two years however the experiment operating under the then Vice Mayor Heinz Schaden was stopped. Schaden is not surprised by the view now held by the ÖVP who he described as having “transport policies that come from the Stone Age”.

I remember that Sunday’s in the city center were absolutely dead, in part to the fact that almost every store is closed, and also the traffic. It’s

good that this is being expanded, as hopefully it will increase tour traffic using public transit, which is superb and runs with great efficiency.