Did you ever have “that guy” in high school who, when talking to you, was totally nice and seemed to get a bad rap from everybody, but then about a week later you realized that he was throwing your name around in poor manner too? Do you remember hating yourself for ever trusting that guy?

Imagine if that happened in politics.

Former US Ambassador to China and Utah governor Jon Huntsman expected to get into the race next week in New York.

Other people I have talked with have said I am crazy for thinking so, but if Huntsman fails for a GOP nomination this year, he should run as a Democrat in 2016.

He’d win.

By Thomas Wolfe. Boston:Harper Perenniaern Classics, 1998.  720 pp.

It might be a little bit over reaching to say that Thomas Wolfe wrote the great American novel. Yet, in the same breath it might not.

I have to see a thing a thousand times before I see it once.” -Thomas Wolfe

In You Can’t Go Home Again Wolfe explores ideas of a changing America, including the great 1929 stock market crash and the American conception of prosperity. A worthwhile summer read, Wolfe’s style is easily accessible and engrossing.